Romanian flood victms feel alone. Lets help them to survive!

Romania is under water. Moldova is the right devastated. Words are useless, pictures tell all. Tragedy, fear, tears, pain. And little hope.

In Moldova and swallow water broom life destiny. Along the Siret river, nature unleashed can take a life, can ruin a home, can destroy a community.

Let alone the nature, people need our help. Instead of ever higher levees, we can do a wall in our solidarity.

Use the button DONATE to help romanian people
who need us now.

There are people who have left just life. Goods went by water Siret. In such times, our mean little less of everything for them. No need slogans or promises. Hungry, cold and diseases give prowl. They need help NOW.

“Water flows, Romania remains.”

Antena 3 journalists and observers, together with the Foundation “Almost always, with the support of Carrefour, began humanitarian campaign” Water flows, ROMANIA REMAINS.

Flood victims feel alone. No! We are with them trying to help them with everything that we can. Helps us so we can help them to survive

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